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“Don’t Leave a Crack in the Door”

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There will always be doors opening and closing in your life. It is your job to decide how much emphasis you will place on the closed door versus the new one that is opening. If you continue to look back and wish that things were different or second guess yourself on why things happened the way they did, please know that the new door cannot swing open as wide. When you look for someone or something to place the blame, the universe cannot give you what you really need. It is not good to take the negative energy of what didn’t work out into the new door that is about to open. This is the hardest principle to follow in life, but it is a necessary one. As I watch a door come to a close I am so tempted to ask questions, because as women we want closure. We want someone to tell us what went wrong so we don’t make the same mistake again. You didn’t make a mistake. Life is opening you to a new possibility by way of someone else not accepting who you are. Even if you had done things differently, you would still be preparing to step through another door. So don’t beat yourself up! Of course it’s hard to remain calm when it always seems that you are the problem. Sometimes you ask God, why can’t another door open because of something someone else did? Why does it always seem to be about what I did or did not do? You get comfortable in places and show your real self and the relationship changes. Don’t get mad with the other person. Be thankful that God sees the future and your move may be His way of avoiding a disaster, because there is something more in line with your character. It will be hard to see this while you are trying to leave a crack in the door. You are hoping that something can be done to change the circumstances so you can go back. God is moving you forward, so stop looking back. Focus all your attention and positive energy on the new door that is looking you in the face.

“Stop Begging”

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If we really took the time to look around we would see how blessed we really are. Some of what we trash or get tired of would be a treasure to someone who has never had it. Society teaches us that the next big thing is always just around the corner. So we keep looking for it at the expense of enjoying life right now. Even the small things can make a different in your perspective on life. I live alone but I have enough dishes to feed a family of six. Why? Because they look good in my cabinet, and it would be nice to have a complete set of something in case company comes. Well, guess what? I’m changing that. Good, sturdy, paper plates will have to do from now on. Plus, they make beautiful plates that look much better than my dishes. I’m simply trying to make a point!

We are always begging God for something. When’s the last time you sat down and said, “Lord I don’t want anything. I just want to thank you for everything that I have right now. My needs are met and my wants are few. If you don’t do another thing, then I’m okay with that.” How often do we have that conversation with God? Not often enough. I am guilty as charged, however, today I am thanking God for all the things that I asked for and did not receive. I always know that His timing and will is better, but I still beg. What I know for sure is, when you are grateful for what you have, you can hear God’s voice when it’s time to make that call, or check something out on the website, or step outside your comfort zone. In those moments, you and only you will know that the time is right. So, as you continue to beg, which we all do, be careful what you ask for. Because you just might get it if you beg long enough. Everything you want is not necessarily good for you. And sometimes once you get it, you have to make that call back to God and have Him step in and change the circumstances. His reply will always be, “I gave you what you asked for, but because I love you I will handle the situation.” I know I have had that conversation with Him many times. Sometimes the best step you can take is a step back. Stop looking for the next big thing.