GeriHS9554_ppEWho and what is Geri Speak?  I am first and foremost a mother and grandmother, who was once a pregnant, high school drop-out, but I refused to allow the circumstances I was born into determine my destiny.  Because of my ability to turn negatives into positives, I held many positions, including secretary, radio intern,  and television reporter.  I have always considered myself a “Woman on the Move.”  Although my parents had little education, and eight children, I was the only one to graduate from college.

My biggest turning point in life came at age thirty when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It would have been easy to wallow in my sadness and say, “woe is me”, but instead I started my search for a deeper meaning and purpose for my life.  Out of that search came “Geri Speak,” an umbrella company for writing, speaking, and encouraging others to reach their highest potential.  I continue to share my story through my books, speaking engagements, workshops, seminars and the media.  I had the honor of participating on a panel in 1997 at the Million Woman March in Philadelphia, PA.  I consider myself a unique writer who looks at life through a different lens.  My writings have been published since 1998, as a monthly column for Key Awareness Publishing Newspaper, in Virginia, and I also write for three online magazines.

Whatever medium you choose to experience my presence, I promise you will be inspired by my faith, courage and determination.  For speaking or writing requests, I can be reached at gerispeak@yahoo.com or through the comment section of this website.  My books can also be purchased directly from this site.




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  1. Christopher Johnson

    Your story has inspired me, to not only continuing to pursue my dreams, but too also find more meaning to my existence. Thanks for sharing!!!


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