The To-go Plate


Stop trying to feed those who only showed up for the “to-go” plate. There are people in our lives who only come around when we have something to give away.  They don’t want to stay and be a part of your ongoing life or serve any real purpose when it comes to your well-being.  They are not trying to sit down at your table and share in conversation about your vision, goals, dreams or basic ups and downs of life.  They pop in when things are going well to grab a bite of your joy and your success.  They hang onto your every word as long as it benefits them.  You are praised when the going is good, but ignored when things get rocky.  You will always see them at the most important meetings of the mind, but never see them when you’re down and out.  Do they miss you when you are absent for awhile?  Do they call you if there has been no contact in a few weeks or months?  Do they ask others about you when they haven’t heard from you?  If they don’t, then you need to stop trying to feed those who showed up for a “to-go” plate!


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