Stay in Drive

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a certain place, afraid to move forward because you didn’t know where you would end up?  You already know what’s behind you so you don’t want to go in reverse.  Instead you either sit there in park or in neutral, going nowhere.  Did you check your fuel before you got started?  What about your GPS; is it a reliable source of direction?  Did you make sure to throw in some courage before you started your journey? For some of us we started out great, but then we got distracted along the highway. We decided to stop at the mall.  Even though our appointment time was near, our desire to shop became the winner.  What about all those restaurant signs that we saw along the way?  Did any of you get enticed to stop and grab a bite?  You looked at your watch and saw that there was no way you could make it on time, yet you stopped anyway.

What is it about us that makes us lose focus so easily? Why is it so hard to stay in drive? Of course the gears on our steering wheel of life is there for a reason.  No one is expected to stay in motion.  However, when you are in motion it is wise to try to make it on time.  We set goals and limitations based on our belief system of what’s capable.  It’s okay to park and gather your energy and thoughts.  Maybe a pause will give you a new perspective.  There’s nothing wrong with going in reverse if that’s the only route out of any given space.  Some turns in life catch you at a dead end street, and reverse is the only thing that will course correct you.  In order to get to your professional/personal destination it is imperative that you stay in drive mentally.  Be sure that you have the necessary fuel, a reliable GPS, and the courage to make it to the end of your journey.


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