Silence Can be Selfish

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We have all heard the old saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.” That’s a true statement when it comes to sharing your every thought or criticism.  But what do you do when you really don’t know what to say?  When it comes to being there for friends and loved ones in their times of joy and sorrows, just say something.  I’m not talking about a facebook post that says “congratulations”, or “sorry for your loss.”  I’m talking about picking up the phone and having that personal conversation, even though you may not know what to say.  Maybe you feel that the person needs time to settle in to their new life changes, whatever that may be.  But you will be amazed at what a telephone call could mean to them.  The more time you give them to make their adjustment, the more time passes and before you know it, you have barely talked to them.  This can be very disheartening and disappointing to someone who expects to hear from you.  So don’t be selfish with your silence.  Don’t get lost in your own world while others go through things that may bring sadness or joy.  Even in joy it is nice to call and say I’m happy for your success.  I recently had a situation where I decided to give someone space and as time went by I was reminded by them that I gave too much space.  It is easier to pick up the phone when you think about it than it is to go back and clean things up later.  So let’s try to put ourselves in another person’s place when considering whether or not to reach out.  This modern technology has made us all lazy and self-absorbed.  Everything in this world is not about you.  Learn how to shut down sometimes and be a part of someone else’s life.  It may just mean the world to them.  Now that I have been on both ends of the spectrum, I will definitely look at this scenario differently moving forward.  Have a wonderful life as you think outside yourself.


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