Mind What You Think

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Mind what you think!  All of us have probably heard the saying, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” and to go even further, we’ve also heard, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” What does those two statements mean to the average person?  To some it means absolutely nothing.  When you look at the current state of affairs we know that so many minds are wasted.  We also know that there are numerous people who never speak life to their situation.  Doom and gloom is the word of the day.  Their surroundings enforce it.  Their home environment confirms it, and their lifestyle adds the icing to the cake.  Why do some people hear these statements and grasp them right away, and others turn a blind eye to what’s right in front of them?  How is it that two people can be from the same side of the track, yet one make it out and another gets trapped in the madness?  Why?  I don’t have concrete answers, but I would suffice it to say from my own experience that it’s mind over matter.  We have to not only use our minds for good, but we also have to mind what we think.  A thought is energy that starts the process of reality.  Therefore it is extremely important that we take our own thoughts captive.  We often ask God to do that, but it’s also up to us to capture our thoughts as well.  Learn how to reign your thoughts in when you feel them taking an avenue that is not becoming to you and your character.  Listen to that little voice inside of you that knows right from wrong.  No one should have to call you on the carpet for doing something foolish.  You already know!


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