Hate That Thing

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I was watching a live video a few days ago with advice on how to move forward and get what belongs to you in life. Although I wrote down all six of the steps that were mentioned, that last one really struck with me and resonated in my soul. Hate that thing! She talked about how we hate our job but we show up every day.  Obviously we don’t hate it enough to find another one or do what we love on the side until we can turn that into a viable source of income.  We hate our relationships and marriages, but we don’t hate it enough to seek help or try to correct what is wrong.  We’d rather be in a bad relationship rather than be alone.  Oh my God!  Just stepped on somebody’s toes!  We hate the house we live in and our neighborhood, but we must not hate it enough because we are not doing anything to change our circumstances.  We are not saving money so that we can get out and make a better life for ourselves and our families.  So, I guess we really don’t hate that thing, do we?

The above is a compilation of what I heard on the video and my interpretation of it.


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