Do The Next Thing



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Do the next thing!  In my daily reading I ran across those words and they really set the tone for my day and my week.  On many occasions we find ourselves stuck on solving a problem that is right in front of us.  We don’t think that we can accomplish another thing until we move this item off our plate.  But that’s not true.  Do the next thing and watch how your level of stress drops and eventually the problem almost solves itself.

I remember a few weeks ago I was looking for my business license to determine the exact renewal date.  I knew it had to be renewed in August, but I wasn’t sure if it was early, mid or late August.  I tore my office up looking until I finally said, “Well, I have no idea where it is.”  The next day I was doing my morning meditation and God said check the copier.  To my surprise there was the business license right where I had put it when I made a copy to send to someone earlier.  You will be shocked at how easy it is to find something when you stop looking for it.


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