“Did I Ask For This?”

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We all have our wish lists and we update them from time to time.  I have lived in Charleston, South Carolina for four years, and my list hasn’t gotten much smaller.  Matter of fact it keeps changing every time I hear about some new experience that someone else has enjoyed.  When I first arrived to Charleston, all I wanted to do was visit a few historical sites and eat at every restaurant possible.  Over time I have expanded my horizons to places beyond South Carolina.  Not that I have seen everything there is to see in Charleston, but I choose to enjoy life more in line with my vision, rather than simply check things off my “Bucket List.”

So many times we ask God for something and when it doesn’t arrive in the package that we expected, we feel like our prayers have not been answered.  I say that because recently I asked God to give me a 32-hour work week, which would allow me more time for writing and speaking.  With my monthly newspaper articles, my weekly blogs, promoting my books and speaking engagements, there never seems to be enough time to properly prepare, not to mention asking for time off from work.

While sitting here today providing care for the elderly, (as a 3-day live-in) I realized that I have exactly what I asked for and more.  Who wouldn’t want to work three days a week and earn what others get for five days?  Although I have no TV in my room, (I’m learning it’s highly overrated) I have my computer and I’m able to pen this post, in addition to working on my third book.  Most of all I have every weekend off.  Bring on the speaking engagements Lord!   Yes!  This is what I asked for!



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