Crossing Burnt Bridges

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We have all been told not to burn bridges because you may have to cross them again. Did we listen?  Most of the time we did.  I have to admit that I have burnt a few bridges.  But the question I want to put before you is this, “How do you go back across a bridge that you have burned?”  Let me give you five (5) steps:

First you acknowledge that the bridge has been burned. We cannot solve a problem if we are not aware that there is one.  Second, you look at what is now missing from the other side of the bridge.  Third, you decide how important it is to get back to the other side again, or if you even want to go back.  Fourth, you start rebuilding the bridge on your side instead of waiting for the other side to start rebuilding.  And lastly, be careful with the matches once you get back across that bridge.  You don’t want to take a chance on starting another fire, which might burn down the bridge again.


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