Best Answer to Silence is Silence


We always feel that we need a reason for everything. We want to set the record straight and explain ourselves away.  And since we like to do that we think everyone else should do it as well.  When you don’t hear from someone after a certain period of time you wonder what’s wrong.  Why haven’t they called or texted?  You make a post on social media that you know one of your friends will recognize, and read between the lines and make a comment.  But then, NOTHING!  It’s not that you were referring to a situation about them, but you did share the situation with them, so they know what you’re talking about.  Why didn’t they at least hit “like” or say something to acknowledge that they had seen the post?

And then we have the situations where you bend over backwards to be a good, professional person and something comes along that rubs you the wrong way. After you have made a few attempts at resolving the issue and have decided that it’s not worth the fight, you see something that reminds you of what took place.  At that very moment, the silence between you and your situation gets thicker.  You assume that that person is thinking about you as well as you are thinking about them.  Because we all know that silence is a choice.  That’s why sometimes the best answer to silence is silence! And like my nephew told me several years ago, “Everything is not about you.  A lot of stuff that goes on in your head is only in your head.”  So don’t waste your time trying to figure out how to fill the silent space between you and another.  The silence is there for a reason whether you like it or not.  Move on!


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