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Burning Bridges You Haven’t Crossed

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Don’t burn bridges that you haven’t crossed. We get so caught up in deciding who means what to us, that we sometimes miss an opportunity to receive from those we don’t know is watching. We want to rub elbows with people in the higher echelons thinking they have more to offer us, when what you need may be in the hands of the small guy standing right next to you.  Everyone passes judgment whether they want to admit it or not.  How many times have you said to yourself, or someone else, “that person probably won’t even consider me as an option to do business with,”  or “what do I have to offer them?”  We never know where our next big idea will come from.  The person you think is too big or too small to consider your product or service may be the one who challenges your growth.  We network with a purpose, which is not always to build relationships.  We size people up based on who their friends are.  If someone does the same thing as we do, then we hesitate to spend time with them.  There is enough space, time and money on this planet for all of us.  No one can do YOU like you do YOU!

Who’s Pushing Your Swing?


Photo Credit: @Yoori_koo

Who’s pushing your swing?  There are swings that are so low to the ground that you can push yourself with your feet, or you can have someone else push you.  Then there are the ones that are much higher off the ground, and you need a push from someone else.  We are very comfortable when people we know are pushing our swing.  It’s a different story when a stranger comes up and offer to push.  We tend to be a little hesitant, and that’s understandable.  It always seems like more fun to have someone else push, so that you don’t have to do the legwork.  Some things are only learned by doing them yourself.  Remember, there are some people who will push you so high that they hope you fall out.  Then there are the ones who will push you ever so gently because they want you to enjoy the ride.  I have friends like that who know that I am capable of going higher once I get pass my fears.  Others show up just as your swing starts to slow down.  Some are there to give you a small nudge, and some show up to discourage you and make you believe that the swing is broken.  Everyone on the playground is not playing fair.  Be careful who you let push your swing!

Defrag and Refresh


Defrag and refresh!  The average person nowadays own a computer either for work, fun, or for their kids educational process. If you don’t own one it’s because you don’t care or you are too old for it to make a difference in your lifestyle.  This message is for everyone whether you have a real computer or not, because we all have a mind, which serves as our computer that is constantly receiving information from all kinds of sources.  This includes daily messages from God along with all the other stuff that is funneled into our brains.  Just like a laptop or desk computer, our minds can become overloaded with files that are hindering the speed at which information can be processed.  We need to defrag and refresh our computers from time to time to get rid of old files that are no longer needed.  It is important that we take stock of what’s going into our minds and what we are putting out into the world.  As technology continues to advance, there are so many people who are using technology outside its intended purpose.  On any given day you can read about someone who has been scammed or computer hacked.

As you think about who you are and how you spend your days, make sure that you are adding good to the world. It is so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing and begin to think that it’s okay because they got away with it.  We’ve gotten to the point where we hear about something so much it starts to becomes the norm.  Let’s not allow that to happen with our expression of faith and belief in a higher being, who directs and orders our footsteps each and every day.  Let’s continue to give credit where credit is due no matter what the world believes about religion and spirituality.  In the final analysis you are the one who will suffer or benefit from what you believe.  Defragging and refreshing is an ongoing process and it may mean getting rid of some things/people that no longer serve a purpose.