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Layover, not cancellation


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Layover, not a cancellation!  When you are on the flight of your life and suddenly the announcer says, “We are experiencing turbulence therefore we must do a layover in the next city,” those are not the words that you want to hear. You started on this flight with the understanding that you would arrive at your destination according to the flight schedule that was listed.  No one warned you that there were things in nature that could alter the flight.  You have people at the other end expecting you to arrive at the designated time.  So what will you do?  Will you turn around and get a flight back at the next stop?  No!  You will welcome the layover and use it to your advantage as you await the takeoff again.  This is not a flight cancellation.  It is simply a layover!  So pick your chin up and go forth with greater determination for your next stop.  As I experience a layover in my own life I will do my best to take my own advice.  God never makes a mistake and there is no failure in Him.  It can be hard sometimes when people always expect you to be at the top of your game.  However, I believe in doing things in decency and in order.  I strive to bring you only the best when it comes to “Geri Speak.”

You cannot fool you

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You cannot fool you!  There are times when no matter how much you try to convince yourself that all is well and you can move forward at full speed, you know that you need to do a ‘shutdown.’ I’m talking about things that are on your mind, your desk, or your list, that you know are driving you crazy.  As much as I wanted to follow my schedule that I made for today, there was no way it was going to happen.  I knew that I had to bring closure to a number of things before moving forward, so I decided to change my whole agenda and work on the things that were driving me crazy.  With that done I know tomorrow will be a more productive day because I released some things from my brain and my eyesight as well.  There are things that I could see needed my attention and could no longer be overlooked.  So, like I said in my title, you cannot fool you.