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Be Teachable

2017 Geri Speaks at Hyatt Place

You need to be teachable at every stage of your life.  There was a point in my life where I would tell people that I have learned everything I want to know. Even with computers many years ago, I would only do what was absolutely necessary to accomplish the little that I thought my mind could handle.  I used to think why bother learning after a certain age anyway.  Well, I am amazed everyday how God has shown me that age ain’t nothing but a number, especially when it comes to learning.  A few years ago I used to get frustrated when I would set up an event on Facebook and someone would message me and ask to have the “link” sent to them.  My first thought was, “I don’t know how to do that.  Why can’t you just find the event on your phone?  I already invited you, so how hard could it be?”  That was when I was first started learning how to navigate Facebook.  Now!  Oh my God!  Every day I choose to learn something new before I need it.  I watch what others are doing and I either ask questions or do my research so that I can be better at this modern technology.  It’s all about making it easier for the person on the end.  When we learn that, then we will have learned a valuable lesson.  Be teachable whether it’s through conversation or technological research.

Every Opportunity is Not for You

2017 Geri Speaks at Hyatt Place

You don’t have to look very far to find people who are successful. Although they may not be right outside your back door they probably aren’t far down the street.  However, what one person considers success may be different than what you and I consider success.  To me, success is doing what you love and enjoying life without stressing over where your next blessing will come from.  Some people base success solely on how much money they have.  I’m not saying that money isn’t important, but being financially set does not make one successful.  What about your home life once you get the money?  Is there peace and joy found within your walls?  Then there’s your spiritual well-being.  What role does that play in the picture?  Do you believe in a higher being that controls all things, good and not so good?  Would you still be happy if you had no money?  So many people work so hard to have everything, yet they do not enjoy what they have.  Others are so rich that a small crisis in their financial situation can cause them to go overboard, once their lifestyle has to change from what they are used to having.  Some have committed suicide rather than deal with the stock market falling, or Wall Street crumbling.  When you are up so high on the financial pedestal, the fall from grace is much larger than the little man who already knows what it’s like to be on the bottom.  So, don’t be quick to jump on every band wagon that seems like a good opportunity, because what’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander.  That’s an old saying from my mom back in the day!  It is important to know which opportunities to avoid as much as it is to know which ones to partake.  When I consider my business endeavors, I am well aware of what I expect to give and receive by my association or attendance.  I seek to be among like-minded individuals who are upwardly mobile with sound judgment.  That doesn’t mean I disassociate myself from people, it means I know what I bring to the table, therefore I come with expectations of being better once I leave.  That can be done through inspiring others to do better as well, while finding encouragement for my journey.  Be picky about who you allow to take up your time because you can’t get it back! Every opportunity is not for you!