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Getting Kicked off Treadmill

Phone pics 437Kicked off the treadmill!  There are days when you are rolling along like exercising on a treadmill.  Everything is working in your favor and there seems to be no stopping you.  Then BAM!  You get thrown off the treadmill.  What in the world has happened you wonder!  You made all these plans for the day and then all of a sudden your world is turned upside down.  How will you ever catch up to what lies ahead?  Every action you planned to take was based on the previous action.  It was a step-by-step process that you had lined up.  Now you feel as though God has forgotten the agreement that you made.  He didn’t forget!  God’s checking to see if you really trust Him and how bad you want what you say you want.  A lot of times we learn what we don’t want by asking for what we think we want.  Now that’s deep!  So the next time you get knocked off the treadmill, take a break and get back up with a new determination to get the job done.

Are you ready for the fight

2017 Geri Speaks at Hyatt Place

The other day while doing my morning devotion one of my daily reads said that I like to plan for things ahead so that I can control the outcome. The next line stated that if I truly trust God then I need to enjoy life one day at a time and let Him handle the details of the future.  Although I know that to be true it is still hard to relinquish my control, even to God.  As soon as I finished my devotions, I said, “OK God, I’m ready for the fight!”  And the fight came much quicker than I thought.  In less than twenty-four hours I was having a problem paying an extremely important bill online, in addition, to having a debit card declined from another account that I knew had money.  The next day a source of income that I was counting on was threatened to disappear.  Throughout all this, I continued to operate my life according to the plan that God had shown me.  I am happy to say that as of this writing, which is three days later, all is well with my soul and my plans have not changed.  I must say that I am still learning how to trust and depend on God in all circumstances.