Monthly Archives: February 2017

Embracing Poverty


There are days when we all could use a hand financially, emotionally, or spiritually. No one is an island unto his/herself.  However, when you get so stuck holding onto the hand that helped you that you see progress as a setback, then there is something wrong with that picture.  For example, when you receive food stamps because of your low income or lack thereof, why would you get mad because they cut them when God blessed you to be able to purchase your own food?  I recall being on social services when I was in college, and when I got a job my mom didn’t understand how I could give up that little check that I was receiving.  That’s the type of mentality that will keep so many people from seeking a higher ground.  We get so complacent and so comfortable that we actually embrace poverty.  I know you don’t realize that you are doing it, but that’s exactly what you are doing.  You are telling the universe that you are satisfied with the little that trickles down from the top.  Don’t you know that you can reach the top as well and become a person who helps others get to the top?  The worst thing you can do for your family is be broke!  God blesses us to be a blessing to others.  Although your expenses changed based on your income that does not mean that you now have less.  It simply means that you are no longer living in poverty.  It means you will have to make some adjustments in your spending habits.  The shoes, clothes, pocketbooks, wine and the beer you used to pick up without giving any thought, now takes some consideration before purchasing.  You have to change your priorities and once God sees that you are handling the more that He gave you, you can expect more to come.  Don’t look at your situation as a setback.  No it’s a setup for what’s to come.  Stop embracing poverty!