Monthly Archives: October 2016

Access Code


With the introduction of the internet there seems to be more and more safety mechanisms enacted in order to make sure you are who you say you are. Many times I have called my bank and used the automated system to get a balance or transact business only to have that voice say, “The code that you entered is incorrect.”  I’m thinking to myself, “I know my own access code!”  But for some reason I must have hit a wrong key or I’m still using an old code.  They are always asking you to change the code periodically, and then once you make three attempts with the wrong code, they lock your access completely.  As much as I appreciate the safety nets in place to keep others out of my numerous on-line accounts, not just banking, it can be a serious inconvenience when you are trying to get something done in a hurry. Recently I was in the store preparing to make a purchase and wanted to check my account balance.  After punching in all the codes that familiar voice said, “Your account has been shut down.  Please call the bank.”  I forgot that I had received that same message a few days ago when I was at home, and I simply switched to my computer instead.  Luckily I was only locked out of my phone banking.  You can be hungry with a million dollars in the bank if you don’t have an access code!  It seems everything in life now requires some type of code system.  So let me ask you something.  Do you realize that the same thing holds true in our spiritual lives?  Do you know the access code to the Father?  Unless you use the code you will be spiritually bankrupt.  The good news is you will never hit the wrong key or use an old code.  And you will never be shut down completely.  What worked for your ancestors is still working today.  It didn’t just come on the scene a few decades ago like the internet.  It’s been around for centuries even though there is no big hoopla about it.  I’m talking about “prayer.” That’s the access code that you need!