Monthly Archives: June 2016

Pounding Into Perfection


Most of us know about the pounding that a precious stone must endure in order to become a diamond. Although that holds true for the diamond, it can be hard to keep that thought in mind when we are going through our crisis.  No one enjoys being a diamond in the rough.

Recently I read an intriguing story in my Daily Bread, about a place in California called Glass Beach. It got its’ name because of trash and rubbish that people throw into the water.  It is said that the undercurrents and the waves break the glass and rubbish and wash it out to sea.  Then the surf pounds the glass fragments and creates gemlike “sea glass,” which eventually comes back onto the beach and creates a kaleidoscope of beauty.  Glass Beach is the result of a natural occurrence in nature caused by the pounding of the waves and undercurrents of the sea.  When looking at the pictures, I found it fascinating that rubbish and trash can be turned into something so beautiful without the touch of man’s hand.

If we look around, we will see that there are numerous ways in which something beautiful can come out of our rubbish. Sometimes all we need to do is move aside and let nature take its course.  We spend so much time trying to navigate our lives, when God has already set up the universe to come to our defense.  The more you learn to let go the easier it becomes.  The desire to control will still hover above, but you will not allow it take over.  You will find yourself gently letting go of the reins as you rest in the peace of knowing, that “Gods got this.”  No matter how troubling the outcome may seem in your imagination, you can always replace that visual with one known to be true in your time of need.  It’s called falling back on your faith.  I do it all the time.  This is when you remember where God has brought you from.  Release your desire to be in control of the outcome and never underestimate His power.  There can be excitement in the unknown if you allow yourself to go with the flow and watch God at work.  The greatest part of all is His outcome will always trump what you had in mind.  He never ceases to amaze me when I allow Him to pound me into perfection.  (Image courtesty of Yongkiet at


When God Has You on Lockdown


God has me on lockdown!  My cable went out the day before I went on vacation, and the earliest I could get someone out for service was four days after my return, so I’ve been home with no television. Not even the local channels can be picked up. To add insult to injury, the client that I was taking care of decided not to use our services anymore, so I came home to no job assignment.  Oh it didn’t stop there!  I also lost control of my vehicle when it hydroplaned upon my return home.  Thank God I was not hurt and no other vehicles were involved.

Sometime God needs to shut you down to draw you closer to Him. Needless to say, I have been doing a lot of reading, writing, meditating, and watching DVD movies.  Talk about Reframing Your Picture, the title of my latest book, and turning negatives into positives, I have done a complete about- face as to what my week was supposed to look like.  I am not pressed or depressed about anything that has transpired.  I drove over 600 miles and was within ten minutes of home when I had the accident.  The average person would be upset.  As I look back over the miles and the way things happened, all I can say is, Jesus took the wheel!   It rained sheets of rain, with minimum visibility, about a hundred miles of the trip from Fayetteville, NC to Summerville, SC.  I crossed a number of bridges while it was not raining, and the sky was clear when I crossed all of them.  (Anyone who knows me knows that I am petrified of water!)  Also, because I was coming off a ramp, there was no traffic except the people behind me, and they saw me and were able to stop.  Once again, God has kept me.