Monthly Archives: May 2016

Thrifting While Jogging


Thrifting while jogging!  We have all heard the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  As I sat outside to have my morning coffee and do a little reading, it dawned on me that everything I was using had come from someone else who no longer found the need for it.  The chair that I was sitting in was given to me by a private duty client.  The glass-top end table came from a jogging session around my neighborhood one morning, when I stumbled upon a lady who was moving out-of-state and was downsizing her load.  When I politely asked if I could have the table, she replied I have another match that goes with it.  Since I didn’t need both in my house, I decided to create an outdoor setting with one of them.  And lastly, the black table that I have my feet on just  arrived this morning from another jogging session.  I had driven pass my friend’s house across the street a couple of days ago, and saw the table, but decided I really don’t have need for another piece of furniture.  But this morning as I begin to cross my legs and wish that I had a foot stool, my thoughts returned to the little black table across the street, and off I went to retrieve it.  My morning coffee and reading now became a lot more comfortable, thanks to thrifting while jogging.

Food for Thought


Food is such a powerful part of our lives.  Most meetings are planned around some type of food.  I remember when my biggest goal in life as an adult was to go into a restaurant and purchase whatever I wanted off the menu without any consideration for the price.  As a child, the idea of lack was prevalent in our home and it stayed with me even into adulthood, so much so, that it almost felt weird to expect that the circumstances would ever change.  No matter how hard I worked it was never enough.  So can you imagine what it was like to finish high school and college, yet still believe in scarcity?  I lived practically my whole life waiting for the other shoe to drop.  It seemed that nothing I did was ever enough to remove me from the poverty mentality.  Sure I was able to pay my bills every month, but there was never any splurging.  Although I lived in nice apartments and houses, I was always one paycheck away from eviction.  Even up until about four years ago, there was this running joke whenever the family went out to lunch or dinner as a group.  Basically, someone always asked the question, “Who’s got Geri?”, meaning who’s going to pay for my meal.  I thank God for the day that I was able to say, “Geri’s got Geri!”