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Last Minute is Still on Time

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When setting goals we normally do so based on what we think our capabilities are for getting the job done. We orchestrate our moves with hopes of landing on our feet at every turn and coming out smelling like a rose.  Most of the time we do ok and pat ourselves on the back for a job well done.  Then there are the days when we wonder why we even tried to accomplish so much knowing that our resources are limited.  The things we expected to fall in place a month ago has totally sidetracked us into a crisis of epic proportion.  Every move you make creates another situation that was unexpected.  You find yourself digging deeper and deeper into what seems like a bottomless pit of mishaps.  You feel your faith falter and your hopes steadily dwindling.  Where did you wrong you ask yourself?  How did I forget that part of the equation?  I started this project way ahead of time so that none of this crisis should be coming my way.  But here I sit waiting on a miracle to happen so I can move forward, and manifest the dream that I envisioned so clearly six months ago.  Is it truly God’s will or just me wanting to do this?  Is He testing my faith?  Will the miracle show up at the last minute?  If it does, technically it will still be on time.  Because God’s timing is not like ours.  So what do you do?  Do you continue to take steps even though you don’t know how all the ends will meet?  Of course you do!  All it takes is a recollection of a similar place that God has brought you out of.  And before you know it, you will trust Him once again.  Only difference is this time you stretched your faith a little bit further.  With God, last minute is still on time!