Monthly Archives: February 2016

Answer The Call


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Every morning when I do my bible study I am called to a deeper place in my spirit. Sometimes it can be frightening, but most of the time it’s a pleasant surprise.  I find myself more confident, and feistier, if you may.  Largely I find that I am so in tune to Gods’ voice.  I watch myself flutter around like a little birdie jumping from limb to limb.  Always looking around to see what’s happening in the world.  Always checking to see if anything has landed that will be food to my soul.  As I meditate during my quiet time I allow my mind to wander.  I used to think that that was a bad thing.  Now I know that’s the place where God speaks to me.  I also used to think that it was disrespectful to interrupt my allotted time with God to jot down things, and/or to respond to His request immediately.  I knew that I wouldn’t remember all that I was taking in, so I started making notes.  Other times I would stop what I’m doing and go to my computer or my telephone and inquire about what was on my mind.  During those occasions I found that what God was telling me had already been communicated to the other person.  So, I have learned to answer the call.

We are all familiar with the famous Red Phone in the White House, that became the brunt of many jokes and political ads during President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s campaign days. “Who can answer the phone at 3:00am?”, was the infamous question.  Many times we are called to do or be something, and it has nothing to do with an actual telephone.  If you know yourself then you know when you are being called to something.  At least I do!  This did not happen overnight.  It has taken me many years and many failures and setbacks to be able to distinguish between what I want and what God wants for me.  You can do the same thing.  The more you practice listening for His voice, the more you will be able to hear it.  Let’s not get caught up in being “called to preach”, or “called to teach”, or any other fancy calling that we often hear about.  You can be called to be a compassionate person.  You can also be called to love and care for others, or to put a smile on someone’s face.  So, answer the call.