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You Control the Voices in Your Head

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I was listening to a Lauryn Hill Live CD the other day and there was a part where she was asking, “Are ya’ll ready?”, and after saying it twice, she stated that she was also talking to the voices in her head.  I imagine the band was looking at her strange or maybe she felt the need to explain herself for asking the question twice.  Either way, I had a light bulb moment and came up with my title.  We all have voices in our head even though we don’t like to admit it. It’s called self-talk.  Every decision we make has answered to the voices before we make it.  The goal is to know when the voices are speaking negatively.  Most of our self-talk is so random and automatic, that we fail to realize the damage we may be doing to ourselves and others who are listening.  I remember times when I could spend a whole day convincing myself, that I wasn’t capable of getting something done.  It used to take that long for me to acknowledge and change the voices in my head.  Now the minute that I start the self-talk, I immediately catch myself and start reversing anything that is negative.  I’m not saying that I don’t have my pity parties because I do.  However, while I’m throwing a fit I am also picking myself up off the floor at the same time.  When I go into my secret closet to pull my hair out (not literally), and talk to God about a situation, I go in to do battle with the enemy. I go in acknowledging that I don’t like the situation.  I admit that I want it to change as soon as possible.  I also admit that I don’t know what to do.  But before I leave that room I calm myself down, and tell God that the whole world belongs to Him and I know that this situation did not take Him by surprise.  And lastly I ask Him to fix it according to His will and allow me to function in my other areas of expertise, and to do so with no malice to the creators of the current situation.  Once I finish that meeting with God I go on my merry way and continue to do what thus saith the Lord.  The reason I am able to do this is because, there is no situation in life that totally defines who I am as a child of God.  I am accomplished in so many areas that one monkey cannot, and will not stop my show.  I am not bragging but simply stating a fact, as to where the Lord has brought me from when it comes to my ability to operate positively in a crisis, the majority of the time.  You control the voices in your head, and can change the conversation whenever you chose to.