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Fearless Can be Deceitful

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Fearless can be deceitful.  The other day a friend of mind from my hometown called me “fearless” because I moved from Virginia to South Carolina five years ago.  I never considered myself fearless.  I was simply doing what I needed to do in order to make a better life for myself.  As a motivational speaker people think that you always have it together.  You have the ability to change lives by your speeches and words of encouragement.  No one really knows the lonely nights and sad days that you spend trying to move from an empty place inside yourself, when life doesn’t turn out the way you planned.  No one sees your tears as you try to go through your daily routine knowing that you are falling apart inside.  Sometimes it’s a small sore because of something beyond your control, but then another thing pops up that causes the scab on that small sore to fester and become worst.  No matter how hard you to try to get back to that “good” space by doing what normally brings peace, there is an unavoidable loss that only the voice of another can heal.  A loss that only a touch from someone else can heal.  A loss that only time will heal.  No!  No one has died.  No one has gone to the hospital.  No one has hit you.  Life has thrown you a curve ball and it seems that all the bases you planned on touching has moved so far away, that you can barely see the short stop or the catcher because of the tears running down your face.  You reach for the phone to call a friend, but you change your mind because you wish they would call you instead.  You turn down holiday parties because you can’t handle the crowd.  Although you want to be with others, on the other hand you don’t want to bring your negative energy to an otherwise happy occasion.  Fearless can be deceitful!

New Level Thinking Equals New Dimensions


New level thinking equals new dimensions.  We know how we would like our life to be.  Some of us think on a larger dimension than others.  Sometimes our dreams are limited by our upbringing and what we have been told is possible.  If we would allow ourselves to be open minded concerning the possibilities that every life holds, it would be easier to see ourselves doing what we may have thought was impossible.  We are constantly influenced by our environment, our reading, our television, our radio and also our spirituality.  Yes, we all serve the same God no matter what we choose to call it.  However, we cannot expect to receive what we have not asked for or believed is possible.  It may seem that people who are not religious, or who do not attend church, oftentimes receive so many blessings.  It is not up to us to judge.  We do not know what type of relationship they have with their God.

Recently I had a discussion with a group of friends who asked the question, “Can you receive God’s blessings if you are not a churchgoing person?”  There was the belief that when the pastor prays for the church and you are not a member, although you may be attending that church on Sundays, then that prayer does not include you to the extent that it does the members.  I was a little taken aback, because my belief is we are the church not the building.  So if any pastor is praying for the church, then they are also praying for me.  We then talked about the pastor being the shepherd over the flock, which excludes anyone who is not a member.  It was an interesting conversation to say the least.  I know a number of people who do not attend church on a regular basis.  Their mother, wife, or friend attends regularly and they attend on special occasions.  So my question was, “Are you saying they will not receive the blessings of God because they are not a member?”  The majority of responses were, “They will not receive all the blessings that a member will receive, because the blessings come down through the shepherd who is interceding on a regular basis for their members.”  Okay!  I’m still at a loss for words even though I am a member of a church.  I know that I was able to move to another level because of my faith, my thought process, and my many teachings that I received from my pastor and my church members. It is up to you to decide what it will take for you to move to the next level.