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Mousing Around!

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Impatient should be my middle name. It is one of my weaknesses that I work on every day.  I am better than I used to be but not as good as I want to be.  Add that to the fact that I am also resistant to change, and you have a combustible situation.

A few days ago I was working on a new project on Because I had done so well with creating my first flyer I was hyped and ready to start a new one.  Once I found my old project, I attempted to make changes to it while also trying to create something new.  After much struggle I realized it would be easier to create a second page for the existing flyer.  That didn’t go very well because in my impatience, I kept hitting my ‘mouse’ when the changes were not showing up fast enough for me.  Rather than continue in my frustration, I decided to shut everything down and move on to something more familiar.  End of office work for that day!

Upon returning to my project the next day I was pleasantly surprised to learn that everything I was trying to do was accomplished. Not only that, but it was all saved and I was now able to complete my new flyer.  I still don’t know how to start a new one so I deleted page one, which was the original flyer.  Some other day I will return and get it all figured out. Life can be tricky sometimes. We get impatient and keep ‘clicking’ until God shuts the whole thing down and waits for us to get ready for the new training.  I find myself overly concerned about things that probably won’t matter when the day comes.  So much can happen between your thought now and what really will takes place on the day of your concerns.  Let’s learn to stop ‘mousing around.’  A lot of what we try to create has already been saved for us.  Remember there are certain assignments in life that only you can complete.  No one can keep you from going where you are supposed to go, or from doing what you are supposed to do.  Relax!  Take a deep breath!  Stop ‘clicking!’

“When You Know The Rules You Can Play The Game”


There are so many ‘how to’ books, that deciding which ones to read can be a job in itself. There’s “how to make a million”, “how to be successful at work”, “how to get a man”, “how to find peace”, and the list goes on.  Why do so many people seek others for advice, when ultimately the final decision is always made by you?  Sometimes we want validation and affirmation that what we believe about ourselves is true.  Other times we need a little push to tip us over the scale.  Maybe we have been contemplating a change but still have some doubts.  It’s times like these when a good book may give us the necessary step to stay in the game.

There is a system in place for everything that the universe holds dear to us. We talk about the law of attraction and how we attract to ourselves who we are.  At a conference the other day, one of the speakers said, “You are the sum of the five people you hang out with.”  Although I had already done some downsizing on my immediate circle, this made me take an evener closer look at who I hang with.  I’m not saying that you should call all your friends and tell them where they are on the totem pole, but I AM saying that you need to decide who gets your valuable time.  If the only time you see some of your friends is when they want to party, then they cannot be in your immediate circle of influence.  We all have reasons to celebrate, but every weekend does not have to be a party.  Would you want to do business with the person that you see at the club every Saturday night?  Think about it.  Perception is extremely important.  No matter how much you try to explain to someone that you are not that girl, their visual will remain the same.  With social media steadily on the rise, the rules of the game keep changing daily.  There is no way that you can keep up with the Jones’.  Before anyone takes offense, please know that this message is for no one other than me.  I always write first for myself, with hopes that someone may find themselves in the message.  I encourage you to always consider the rules of the game in whatever you attempt to accomplish.  It’s not easy, but when you know the rules you can play the game.

“You Need to Lose Your Mind”

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Some of you may have noticed that the most outrageous ideas seem to be the ones that take off. The minute you say, “Ain’t no way in the world…” that’s when stuff starts to happen. How many times have you looked at a product or service and thought, how ingenious even though it started from a crazy idea? Do you realize that everything we see was a thought at one time? Do you know how many thoughts we have during the day and night that could seriously change the way the world operates? The problem is our mind. We spend so much time thinking and over-thinking the ideas that come to us. Can you imagine what would happen if we went with our first thought and then lost our mind while we continue working on that thought? I have had the most success with the things that I gave the least amount of thought. I’ve also succeeded at something and started to over-think it, and the rug got snatched from under my feet.

I remember the days when my life was planned down to the hour. I am so happy that those days are gone. I still write stuff down, but nothing on the list is mandatory. It’s a list of things I would like to get done. Of course I have a regular routine of eating and sleeping, which all of us probably do. But I don’t get bent out of shape if my day is thrown off by a phone call or an emergency situation. I just make the necessary adjustments, ex: pack a quick snack, cancel an appointment, wake up a little earlier, or go to sleep a little later. Whatever it takes to get the job done is what I do. My mind switches daily to the task at hand. I don’t overplay situations. I don’t ask a lot of questions. I go with the flow. Life is so much easier when you lose your mind.

If you have been following my blog, then you know my writing style is so outside the box. Keep checking me out, you never know where it might take you.  Also check out my book, “Reframing Your Picture – True Life Stories of Turning Negatives Into Positives.”