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“Whose Mother is She?”

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I’m not sure whether I am overly curious or just nosey; probably a whole lot of both.  Lately I have noticed that people are so involved in their own little world that they rarely take the time to look up or even look you in the face.  It’s as though everyone has somewhere to go and they don’t want anybody to obstruct their agenda in the least bit.  Not even long enough to give you a smile or simply notice and acknowledge you as a human being.  Today at lunchtime I walked down a very popular street in the downtown area of my city.  I watched people talking on their phones, riding their bikes, walking alone and talking or texting, and some people actually talking to each other.  However, the majority of the people were in their own little world, oblivious of anyone else other than themselves.

As I was headed back to my destination, I noticed an elderly lady who was cursing someone out.  When I walked pass her I assumed that she was talking on her phone.  To my surprise there was no phone, or an ear piece to signify that she was having a conversation with someone.  After realizing that she was obviously in some type of confused state, I looked around to see if maybe someone was coming out of a store nearby to join her.  No one showed up.  We continued to walk in the same direction, while she continued to talk to this imaginary person.  Occasionally I would look back hoping someone would notice her and attempt to determine what was wrong.  Numerous people walked pass her, but no one noticed the lady with the black jacket that had “Jets” written on the back, carrying a pocketbook, and talking to herself extremely loud.  At one point she turned around and headed back in the opposite direction.  That’s when I decided to do something.  I asked someone on the street, “What is the non-emergency number for “911?”  They did not know, but tried to use “voice” on their phone to call the police, with no success.  They wanted to move on, and suggested that I go ahead and call 911 and let them know.  So I did.  I spent about ten minutes on the phone with 911, while following this lady until they got her description and location and promised to send someone out.  That was somebody’s mother, grandmother, or maybe wife.  I don’t know.  What I do know is, we need to be more observant of our surroundings and less focused on getting to the next stop.  That could have been me or your mother.


“Step Out of The Sinking Boat”

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As human beings we hate to admit when we are wrong, or that we made a wrong choice.  Especially when we shared our good news with such excitement and got everyone else all hyped up.  Well, a mistake is only a mistake if you don’t learn from it.  When I say learn, I don’t necessarily mean that you would never do that again.  If you are the type of person who takes risks, then you will definitely do something similar the next time.  So what!  I’m talking about learning to move on in faith knowing that every thing happens for a reason, and most of the time things happen to move you to a place you would have never gone on your own.

When I gave up a full-time job with good benefits only to learn that the job I was getting is part-time, of course, I was devastated.  I even tried to go back to the prior employer, but chose not to go through the whole application/interview process again.  Instead I chose to return to my first love (senior care), which affords me the opportunity to have more control over my schedule, thereby allowing me the freedom to accept speaking engagements that I previously couldn’t even consider.  So what I thought was going to be a tremendous loss of income and a stress producer has turned out to be the best decision that I could have made.  I have always believed that life is an adventure not a worry, and if we want to pursue our dreams, then stumbling blocks must become our stepping-stones.  I’m happy!  I get to do what I love at work, and live my dream of becoming a full-time motivational speaker.

“Did I Ask For This?”

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We all have our wish lists and we update them from time to time.  I have lived in Charleston, South Carolina for four years, and my list hasn’t gotten much smaller.  Matter of fact it keeps changing every time I hear about some new experience that someone else has enjoyed.  When I first arrived to Charleston, all I wanted to do was visit a few historical sites and eat at every restaurant possible.  Over time I have expanded my horizons to places beyond South Carolina.  Not that I have seen everything there is to see in Charleston, but I choose to enjoy life more in line with my vision, rather than simply check things off my “Bucket List.”

So many times we ask God for something and when it doesn’t arrive in the package that we expected, we feel like our prayers have not been answered.  I say that because recently I asked God to give me a 32-hour work week, which would allow me more time for writing and speaking.  With my monthly newspaper articles, my weekly blogs, promoting my books and speaking engagements, there never seems to be enough time to properly prepare, not to mention asking for time off from work.

While sitting here today providing care for the elderly, (as a 3-day live-in) I realized that I have exactly what I asked for and more.  Who wouldn’t want to work three days a week and earn what others get for five days?  Although I have no TV in my room, (I’m learning it’s highly overrated) I have my computer and I’m able to pen this post, in addition to working on my third book.  Most of all I have every weekend off.  Bring on the speaking engagements Lord!   Yes!  This is what I asked for!


“When You Absolutely Trust God There is no Plan B”

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People always say, “If Plan A fails, then go to Plan B.”  Nobody tells you what to do when Plan B fails also.  Do you continue creating plans until you run out of alphabets?  Of course not!  We all know that God decides the ultimate plan.  So why do we spend so much time trying to fix stuff, when some of our greatest successes came from things that didn’t make sense?  Probably because it is hard to acknowledge, that we control very little of our day-to-day circumstances.  To be honest, we control none of them.  Every thought we have and every decision we make comes from God, or whoever your higher being may be.  It is when you run out of options that you focus on the presence of God in your life.  He was there all the time; you just didn’t reach out to Him until things got out of hand. I know it’s easier said than done, but we could save ourselves a lot of stress if we followed God’s plan from the beginning.  I will be the first to tell you that I have gone through Plan A, B, C, and D many times.  So my words are only words of encouragement, not words of perfection.  It is a daily struggle to listen for God’s voice and know it when I hear it.  I question all my decisions before I make them, and most times after I have made them.  Sometimes I don’t get the answers until the situation has blown up in my face.  And other times I don’t get an answer at all.  In those cases I just try to find the good in whatever circumstance I find myself.  As an organized and in control person, I am learning to not expect outcomes that I can’t control.  I see every mishap as a chance to expand my outlook.  I remind myself that when Plan A doesn’t work out, then God has something bigger and better in store for me.  The hardest part is waiting on the manifestation.  I try not to give up, give out, or give in to the temptation to solve the problem my way.  I remember when God found me, and that helps me to see my disappointments as God’s appointment.  So, when you absolutely trust God there is no Plan B!