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“You Are The Answer”

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No matter how hard we try there is no way to solve the world’s problems.  But I do recall reading somewhere in my bible, that God said we are His hands and His heart.  It is so easy to look around and see who is going to meet the need when it presents itself to us.  How many times have you passed up an opportunity to be the answer to someone’s prayer?  How many times have you had a conversation and said, “It’s a shame that he/she is going through such a hard time?”  Did it ever cross your mind that god may have put that person in your path so you could be the vehicle of help?  This week God has been teaching me about His provision and how much I really need.  We all do spring cleaning and give our stuff to Goodwill.  But I’m not talking about cleaning out your closet.  I’m talking about sharing with others from your abundance, whether that means giving your old laptop to a friend because you got a new one, or giving from your overflow of finances.  I have realized that the more I give the more I receive.  Please know that you can never outgive God.  I dare you to try it!

Operating From The Heart

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There are so many days when life throws you a curve ball and all you can do is say, “Lord have mercy!”  Many of the things that we go through in life are not of our own making.  It is a result of the universe making all things work for the good of those who love Him.

When we think about “Heart Month,” we not only think about the heart as an organ subject to a heart attack, but we also think of the heart as the center of our actions.  Most of our responses to various situations come from the heart.  When someone “breaks” your heart, you get a different reaction than when someone pulls at your “heartstring.”  I’m not just talking about relationships.  It can break your heart to see someone fail at life when you know their potential.  On the other hand it can pull at your heartstring when you see your child or friend struggling to make ends meet.  Even though you may be barely getting by yourself, a part of you still wants to help out.

We’re talking about the HEART!  The heart is not only an instrument of love, but it’s also a place of right decision making.  We have all heard the saying, “just follow your heart.”  Often times we want to say and do whatever comes to mind, but being a child of God, you have to make decisions based on what Jesus would do.  In the past few months, I have had situations where I did not want to follow the heart of God.  It would have given me so much satisfaction many times to just scream and holler all the thoughts that were going through my mind.  But I thank God, that I have a heart after Him.  Sometimes that’s the only thing that keeps us sane.  A heart of God!   Those are the times when you know that if it wasn’t for God, the you that you know, would have handled it differently.

Then there are times when someone “steals” your heart.  Like my three-year-old grandson.  Now I already have a twenty-three-year-old granddaughter, but when she was born it was nothing like having my grandson.  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that there are so many girls in the family, and now we have a boy.  Plus, boys are so different with their interactions and curiosity.  My grandson has been so amazing in the way that he retains knowledge, every since he was able to turn his head.  We immediately noticed his keen observation of his surroundings at such a young age.  I just started calling him a genius, because I wanted to speak that into his life.  Now at age three he is smart as a whip.  So, someone can also “steal” your heart as well.

At the end of the day, the only heart that matters is the one you’ve given to God.


There is no Path Unless You Take a Step

“There is no Path Unless You Take a Step”

How many of us spend time asking God to order our footsteps and direct our pathway?  Yeah!  We pray during our meditation and we throw it out there when we talk to others, but do we really practice what we preach?  Do we allow God to order our footsteps or do we just step in mess everywhere we go?  There are days when you see mess a mile away and you still walk right into it.  You hear conversations that you know will lead to nothing positive, yet you still take part in them.  Take a step back sometimes and be quiet!

Now let’s talk about stepping into your greatness!  You are the only who knows when you are in your element.  Whether it’s on the job or working on your dream career on the side.  You know when you hit that stride and you are operating in the will of God.

What about the times when we just stand still because we don’t know which way to go?  We want the path to be clear before us when we take that step.  We want all the answers.  We want to ensure that we will not fail.  Good luck!  As long as you feel that way then you will be still standing there, wondering what your life would have been like had you stepped out on faith.

I told a friend the other day, “I am so excited about my life at this moment, because the only thing that I have to balance is my excitement.”  I am putting on my first “Geri Speak” Seminar in Charleston, SC, and there are no words to explain my joy!  Although I have done this for many years in Virginia, it feels good to finally come full circle.  I give God all the praise, because I waited for His timing, and did not step out on my own.  There is no path unless you take a step!

Ask Not, Get Not!

I am not the kind of person who complains a lot or complains for no reason.  However, if I am a regular customer at your business and something is not right I will let you know. Today I stopped at two grocery stores to grab three items.  Both stores are upscale grocery markets that I visit every two weeks for the same items.  I am a creature of habit!  One store sells my eight-piece baked chicken, and the other store sells my yogurt.  At my first stop to get my chicken, all the packages were over-cooked.  After searching, I picked the least worst of them.  While headed to the register I decided to let the manager know and ask for a reduced price.  The manager ended up giving me the chicken free, as well as the can of milk that I was going to purchase.

The bible says, “You have not because you ask not.”  Since I believe the bible, I ask for what I want in life.  But back to the story!  My next stop was to pick up my yogurt.  This is also where I get my expensive Tiramisu, a popular coffee-flavored Italian dessert, when I have something to celebrate.  Before I left home I had already told myself that I cannot have Tiramisu today because of my budget.  Well, guess what!  Now that I just saved $6.50 at the other grocery store, I can afford my favorite dessert.  Ask not, get not!