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Who is Geri

Geri Mason is a woman who has met her own definition of success.  From pregnant teenager, high-school drop-out, single parent, to secretary, radio intern, television reporter, writer and motivational speaker, she is definitely a “Woman on the Move.”  Born to working class parents with little education, Geri was the first of eight children to attend and graduate from college.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 30, Ms. Mason started her search for a deeper meaning and purpose for her life.  Out of that search came “Geri Speaks,” a ministry of writing, speaking, and encouraging others to reach their highest potential.  She continues to share her story through her books, speaking engagements, workshops, seminars and the media.  She had the honor of sharing her story in 1997 at the Million Woman March in Philadelphia, PA.  She is a prolific writer whose work has been published for over fifteen years in her monthly column for Key Awareness Publishing Newspaper, in Virginia.  With a soft-spoken style and genuine spirituality, her story is one of faith, courage, and determination.

To know Geri Mason is to be “touched” by her faith and joy for life.  For speaking or writing requests, she can be reached at  Please leave your name & number.